Downers Grove Rebels Fastpitch Softball

Registration is currently closed for this tournament.

Director Info

Fred Gusel




Start Date: 5/3/2019
End Date : 5/5/2019

Age Levels

Age Levels:
10U (8 of 8 registered)
12U (7 of 8 registered)
14U (4 of 8 registered)

Class Levels

Class Levels: A;B


All Parks are located in Downers Grove
  • McCullom Park:  6801 S Main St. (This is also Tournament Headquarters)
  • Doerhoefer Park: 4147 Venard Ave
  • Washington Park: 800 Franklin St
  • Whitlock Park: 4003 Fairview Ave
  • Powers Park: 6501 Springside Rd
  • Lakeview Jr High: 601 Plainfield Rd
  • O'Neil Jr High/Fairmount School: 635 59th St (O'Neil is West field, Fairmount is East field)


Team Fee : 575.00
Early Bird Fee :
Early Bird End Date :

2019 "Spring Swing" USA/ASA National Qualifier

Tournament Details

  • USA/ASA Northern National Qualifier
  • Games will be played on various fields, all located in Downers Grove.  
  • 5 game guarantee.  3 pool play games with a split championship bracket.  'A' and 'B' USA/ASA Bids to be awarded.
  • One game constitutes a tournament.  No refunds will be give.  
Please make check payable to 'DOLLS' ($575) and send to the tournament director:
Fred Gusel
3928 Elm St 
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Tournament Rules

  • All Teams Must check in a minimum of 60 minutes before their first game with ASA Roster and Proof of Insurance
  • Please have Birth Certificate available at all times during the tournament.
  • McCullom Park is the Tournament Headquarters and the winning team is responsible for turning in scores
  • If playing off site scores may be sent via text to   630-352-6197 
TEXT IN THIS FORMAT:  Team Name: Score vs Team name: Score  Field & Age Level
  • Rain out Hotline (only in the event of inclement weather) 630-352-6197
  • Bracket Tie Breakers: Record / Head to Head /Runs Allowed / Run Differential / Coin Flip
  • Teams Must be ready and able to play  30 min before the scheduled time if the field is available

Game Rules

Pool Play
  • Free Substitution
  • Continuous Batting
  • Last out courtesy runner, pitcher & catcher
  • Time Limit: no new inning after 75 minutes.  Drop Dead at 80 minutes. (Score reverts back to last completed inning.  Unless home team is batting and has tied or is ahead.)
  • Pool play can end in tie.
  • Umpire calls are final
  • No Protests
  • Home team is decided by Mound Bocce (closest to pitching rubber)
  • Mercy Rule: 15 after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings
  • NO infield warm ups after 1st inning
  • Pitchers have 3 pitch warm up after 1st inning
  • International Tie Breaker if tied and time has not expired
  • Most Valuable Opponent Medals Awarded in Pool Play games
Bracket Play
  • Higher seed in bracket play is Home Team
  • Courtesy Runners: Substitute per ASA
  • Time Limit: No New Inning after 1 Hour 15 minutes
  • International Tie Breaker after inning 7 or Time Limit
  • Umpire calls are final
  • No protests
  • Mercy Rule: 12 after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings, 8 after 5 innings
  • NO infield warm ups after 1st inning
  • Pitchers have 3 pitch warm up after 1st inning
  • Full Seven Innings for Championship and Consolation Championship Games  - 2 Umpires
  • BIDS:  The "A" Bid will be awarded to the Champion the "B" bid awarded to the Consolation Champion
  • Team Awards for 1st and 2nd for both A & B Brackets